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references in nonfiction books

How to Keep Your References Smooth and Easy

Some of my clients come from an academic background, and I’ve done a lot of editing of academic papers. In...

What Does a Freelance Copy Editor Do

What Does a Freelance Copy Editor Do?

So you’re going to hire a copy editor because you’re supposed to hire a copy editor. Or you’re going to...

should I hire a developmental editor

Should You Really Hire a Developmental Editor?

Upfront Disclosure: Developmental editing (or content editing, as it’s sometimes called) is kinda my thing as an editor. I think...

How (Not) to Use a Semicolon

How (Not) to Use a Semicolon (With Examples)

Ah, the elegant semicolon. That hipster of the punctuation world.¬†Everyone knows it’s cool, but nobody really gets it. It’s out...

fun, funny, and interesting

The Difference between Fun, Funny, and Interesting for Chinese ESL Learners

When I taught in China, I noticed an oddly specific but widespread problem with the English of Chinese learners. They...

choosing the right fiction genre

What’s the Right Fiction Genre for Your New Book?

I was reading a post on a critique board the other day, where the author was wondering if his book...

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