Freelance Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting

freelance editingAbout the Editor

Freelance Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting

I’m Miranda Regan, a freelance editing specialist living in the Columbus, Ohio area. I believe everyone has a unique voice that should been enhanced through careful edits. I love the challenge of taking a piece of writing and making it beautiful while maintaining the author’s style and tone. Every author has a dream for their work; I want to help!

I have experience with editing books, blogs, academic articles (including the dreaded references), and English written by non-native speakers. I can also format ebooks using HTML and CSS and print books using InDesign.

Click here for my full resume in PDF format.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Editing

I’m also a writer and an avid reader of fantasy, sci-fi, young adult (YA) and middle grade (MG) fiction. My goal is only freelance edit fiction books and stories, but while I have experience writing books, I don’t have much experience editing anything but my own work. I would love to edit only fiction! Since I lack experience, I’d be more than willing to edit fiction at a discount. Email me about discounted editing for science fiction, fantasy, YA and MG books.

Education and Experience

I have a great English degree from Pensacola Christian College, where good old-fashioned grammar and style are king. I have two years helping ESL learners in China make their English shine. One of those years I spent as the sole editor and first foreign worker for the National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS), a Chinese think-tank on the island of Hainan. I am still freelance editing for them now that I’m back in the States, making sure their speeches read like speeches.


Please contact me at for a free quote.

Freelance Editing Testimonials

Miranda has done amazing work editing my blog posts. Being dyslexic can make writing stressful and the end result is often hard to make sense of, but Miranda can take pages of dyslexic ranting about dogs and turn them into amazing polished blog posts week after week. I couldn’t be happier with the work Miranda has done for my blog. Her touch has made a huge difference in the level of quality on my works. I would be lost without her amazing advice on structuring and planning. My writing has improved and the end product is great. I am bringing in more subscribers per article, in my opinion largely thanks to Miranda! I am so happy with the work; I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. [Edited for punctuation.] – Katie S., Little Woofs blog

“Miranda did an amazing job! You’ll do well to hire her!” – Dan Christian Yeung, Author of Dealership Deceit and the upcoming Save Money, Build Wealth

“Miranda’s style of editing is superb! She takes all my thoughts and makes them concise without losing my meaning or my creativity.” – Carol Devine, Client


I determine pricing for freelance copy-editing and formatting projects based on difficulty and length. I usually jump off a base price of $25/hr. I take pay via Paypal, but I can make special arrangements for clients living in mainland China. Contact me at for a free estimate!



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