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Your unique voice is worth enhancing. I love the challenge of making the language of books, websites, and other documents beautiful while keeping the style that makes your writing you.

Developmental Editing

Making big, sweeping changes. Suggesting new chapters, deletions, changes in tone and order.

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Making your language beautiful. Reworking sentences. Editing for grammar, transitions, and style.

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Killing typos and spelling errors. Making sure base formatting is consistent.


Putting everything in place. Formatting for ebooks with HTML and CSS or InDesign for print books.

let's talk about...


Blogs and articles shouldn’t just lure readers in. They should give them something in exchange for their precious time, be that information or just entertainment.


Original blog posts about any topic researched and written with care.


Informational articles about anything. Just give me a topic and watch me go.

White Hat SEO

Blogs and articles made SEO and, most importantly, human friendly.


Never have to touch your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram again.


  • Miranda has done amazing work editing my blog posts. Being dyslexic can make writing stressful and the end result is often hard to make sense of, but Miranda can take pages of dyslexic ranting about dogs and turn them into amazing polished blog posts week after week. I couldn’t be happier with the work Miranda has done for my blog. Her touch has made a huge difference in the level of quality on my works. I would be lost without her amazing advice on structuring and planning. My writing has improved and the end product is great. I am bringing in more subscribers per article, in my opinion largely thanks to Miranda! I am so happy with the work; I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
    Katie S.Little Woofs
  • Miranda did an amazing job! You’ll do well to hire her!
    Dan Christian YeungAuthor of Dealership Deceit and Save Money, Build Wealth
  • Miranda turned a jumble of writings into coherent blog posts suitable for publishing on my web site. She rearranged and rewrote my material to make it understandable and easy to read. Highly recommended.
    Mark David McCrearyMail-list.com
  • Miranda was FANTASTIC to work with! She helped me organize my thoughts while keeping the integrity of my voice as well as my message. I will definitely work with her in the future and recommend her highly. Miranda really shines in her ability to edit content, bringing ideas together beautifully. Her price was more than fair and she finished before the deadline. Thank you Miranda! I can't wait to work with you again!
    Amber BroglyAuthor of Parenting Built on Love
  • Working with Miranda was really great. She is very professional. Communicated quickly and held all of the timelines. She took my book to new levels with her editing skills while still maintaining my voice. If I need someone to edit for me again I would totally use Miranda!
    Lousie AlerforsAuthor of Find Your Feet
  • Everything about Miranda's service was fantastic. She knows what she's doing, made the editing process easy for me as a first time author and more than anything helped to make my book better than before. What more could an author want? I can highly recommend Miranda and will certainly use her services again in the future.
    Mark BakerAuthor of Stand Out Cover Letters

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What Does a Freelance Copy Editor Do?

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Should You Really Hire a Developmental Editor?

Upfront Disclosure: Developmental editing (or content editing, as it’s sometimes called) is kinda my thing as an editor. I think...

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How (Not) to Use a Semicolon (With Examples)

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The Difference between Fun, Funny, and Interesting for Chinese ESL Learners

When I taught in China, I noticed an oddly specific but widespread problem with the English of Chinese learners. They...

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What’s the Right Fiction Genre for Your New Book?

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How to Save Money When Hiring an Editor

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There is a Problem with There Is

There is a problem with there is. I see the phrase a lot in editing. Those two little words, creeping...

The Inside of a Dragon Book

This is way late in coming, but you can now get an inside peek of The Pocket Guide to Everyday Dragons....

New Winter Animal Coloring Pages

Five new winter animal adult coloring pages up on my Etsy shop. As always, they’re downloadable, printable, high resolution, and...

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About the Editor

Miranda Regan

Miranda Regan

Freelance Writer and Editor

Miranda learned proper English at Pensacola Christian College where good old-fashioned grammar and style are king. She perfected her English in the trenches for two years as a ESL teacher and editor on a small island in China. Now she wants to make every bit of English as beautiful as possible as a freelance editor and writer. She is also the illustrator of two coloring books, Coloring Whimsy and The Pocket Guide to Everyday Dragons.

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